Brand identity design in Mumbai

Even if you can’t see the logo, you should be able to identify the brand if the brand identity works well. Brand identity refers to what it communicates, unlike the brand image which simply tells you how consumers see a brand to be. Consistency of all the components of your brand like appearance, style, and feel throughout all communication enables your audience to build a memory around your organization and what it has to offer and this memory becomes your organization’s identity.

At 8 design, we are one of the brand identity designers in Mumbai,  working hard to analyze your brand’s personality and the message you want to communicate. By following a process that surveys a company’s core values and make it sure that these are conveyed across all brand communications. To fulfill your long-term business goals and build a lasting relationship with your customers you need to have a strong brand identity.

The identity which we as brand identity designers try to develop at our best.