Our Green Credentials

Preserve the Planet

Apart from hugging trees, we do whatever is needed to conserve the planet. By adopting the philosophy of three R’s of waste management– reduce, recycle and reuse we try to be environment freindly as much as we can. We do much more by choosing energy-efficient equipment and working hard to reduce the carbon output. Also we help in spreading the message of preserving the planet by offering our clients stainable papers and other alternatives that help our clients walk along the same path alongside us.

8Designs aim to be as green and environmentally friendly as practically possible. Thus we take serious efforts to reflect our green ethics. We always recommend our clients to use recycled printing material.we too in our office have made it a practice of using 100% recyclable products.

If we give any design for printing we make sure to use environment friendly printers, like the Kyocera ECOSYS range, and refillable tank inkjet printers. You too are requested to join this movement of ours to support the three R’s of waste management and finally to go greener again.